Monday, September 17, 2007

Trolling and Utility


Snag said...

I like pie too, but even I have more to do with my time than get creepily insistent about it on a blog.

Well, upon rereading my entries, maybe not, but my general point stands.

Lex said...

Point taken, but I do have a rather embarrassing question about comments at "Sadly, No". How the heck do you leave links? Or even have another comment quoted in italics for a response? It's driving me batty!

Thank you, I'd love the help. I came here because I enjoy your comments at that site, actually. P.S. I'm on a Mac, so if that's the issue then don't bother....LOL.

Nice to see your site Bubba.

Righteous Bubba said...

Italics work just like the comment box here: [i]This is in italics if you use triangular brackets instead of square ones.[/i]

Links will actually appear at SN as links if you just put some space before and after, but do this:

[a href=""]This is the most useful web-site there is.[/a]

Do that in triangular brackets instead of square and you get This is the most useful web-site there is.

Apart from that, Mac people need this.