Monday, April 07, 2008

A Confessed Troll

Somewhere in this thread I took a silly interest in a guy who believes that, politics free, a heroic engineer can manufacture dust-clouds in space that save us all from Global Climate Change.

I believe this makes me an awful person.

In any case, how will the Global Climate Change problem be solved?

1. Application of electric eels to the problem.
2. Putting on a show!
3. Rocks in space.
4. Duct tape.
5. A political compromise in which the industrialized nations of the world concede that zzzzzz.....


Kathleen said...

The Market will solve it.
As fresh water becomes scarce globally, malaria spreads north, and millions of people are driven out of their homes by rising water, we'll all start dying. Once enough people have died, what's left of mankind can adapt to the new, warmer Earth.


zeppo said...

Ice cubes! We need lots and lots of ice cubes. Made by refrigerators! With freon!

Well, at least we could have margaritas while we are all getting really warm.