Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I never made it to the Carpathians but did make it to Kolomyia where there was a pretty nice collection of Hutsul relics, though most were relatively new as museumy things go: the Hutsuls use a lotta wood so things must be perishable. As with a number of Ukrainian museums people follow you around from room to room turning the lights on or off according to how strained their budget is.

Desk set including stamp. Very important as the Ukraine is filled with fucking notaries.

This guy has been nailed again and again for causing problems. Enough already! Chill, long-haired dude!

There was a small but quite nice section of modern painters who seemed to be very much the type that the Russians would have sent to Siberia.

Grover Jesus.

A nutcracker, poorly photographed.

To demonstrate her affinity with the peasant Hutsuls singer Ruslana drives around in a Hummer, taps at her laptop, and has helicopters film her posing on a mountain.

Update: My monitor at home appears to be quite bright. Gotta fix that and maybe my posted photos will wind up less murky.

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Kathleen said...

I love these posts. Though I admit a preference for the one with all the photos of booze, instead of art. But maybe that's my problem.