Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Oolong marchers brought by bus
Fearless men hitch up their truss
Men who mean some things they say
The brave men of Teabag Day

Home-made buttons upon their chest
Men who wheeze and take a rest
One hundred men teabag today
One hundred came on Teabag Day

Trained to live off noodles canned
Trained to march, to marching bands
Weighty men, the scales must say
Earn Nutty Wings on Teabag Day

Tomato sauce upon their chest
Men upon a noble quest
Men who gladly join the fray
Men who yearn for Teabag Day

Back at home a young wife waits
On Teabag Day, a bitter fate
Her man has tried another way
Leaving her on Teabag Day

“Put Nutty Wings on my son’s chest
Have him foul America’s nest
Make him a man of whom they’ll say
‘I want him!’ for Teabag Day”

Hat tip for the idea but surprisingly I ran with the juvenile angle rather than the political one.

Y'know, maybe some context is good:

And the Shame of Seger:


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

More Juvenile = More Win

*golf clap*

Another Kiwi said...

By the right they numbered off,
though shaken by the smokers cough.
Marched in the rain, cold and grey,
marched for greed on Tea Bag day.

Though by the left they were reviled
They just shook their heads and smiled.
They knew they had a better way,
for the rich on tea bag day.

Righteous Bubba said...

Their sacrifice makes me teary-eyed.

J— said...

Obama lied, the economy died!

Nice work, by the way.

Righteous Bubba said...

In extraordinary times, Only the best rise to teabag. Or squat.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...